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+5 shades = maximum creativity

New shades to create refined and relaxing work environments. Neutral colours ranging from grey to beige, from colder and formal tones to warmer and earthy ones.
Timeless colours: grey, in its colder variants, is perfect in modern work environments, while in its warmer shades it gives a sense of belonging and involvement.
The discreet beige instils a sense of calm, reliability and balance; it is ideal for creating elegant and bright work environments.

Grey wood

A matt melamine finishes capable of highlighting all the elegance of the grain of the treated wood, in shades of grey.

Pearl Grey

A matt finish that is velvety to the touch and thus creating a cold medium shade of grey.

Cubanit Grey

A delicate matt light grey that goes well with light wood that has cold tones.

Sand Ash

The natural delicacy of wood in beige and sand shades; a timeless classic, easy to combine with grey tones and contrasts with bright colours.

Dark Walnut

This matt surface that is soft to the touch is a modern version of the classic walnut colour; beautiful combined with white or grey.

Finishes in shades of grey and beige which are never dull and are indeed extremely elegant and cool. Alone or combined with more vibrant colours, they are perfect for creating welcoming, refined and professional work environments.

+5 shades = maximum creativity