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New MOTION Executive desk

In order to maintain good physical and psychological well-being, a person needs to move. However, the reality is that nowadays we spend 6, 8 or even 10 hours sitting at our desks. That is why it is so important to choose not only a suitable task chair but also a desk, which will let you feel flexibility at your workplace and is an essential attribute of a modern, dynamic style of work.

A partner for a dynamic workplace

MOTION Executive is a user-friendly sit-stand desk for an active leader. Regular change from sitting position to standing has a positive impact on our well-being and helps us to concentrate better, which is so important for making important decisions, while ergonomic and clutter-free workplace leads to good emotions.

Exceptional character

The aesthetics and design of MOTION Executive desk speaks visually about modern sophistication. Being able to choose finishes (veneer or melamine) and colours, you will create a desk, which will suit your interior and personality best. Even 36 colour combinations are available!

Not only for a private executive room
This new executive desk can not only be the main accent in a private executive office, but also blend in with the open space interior. Together with single MOTION electric height adjustable desks and bench desking, you will create a harmonious style in the office.

New MOTION Executive desk