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SWAY - a balanced solution for workplaces

An engine of productivity

The upper part of the SWAY chair pivots by adapting to the user‘s motions, so it can also be used as support while standing. While changing your posture intuitively, you will be able to retain your focus and work efficiency. This promotes physical well-being, as well-as productivity and creativity.

Stability and freedom of movement

Due to the unique pivoting system, the seat can tilt to any side by up to 8 degrees and rotate around its own axis 360 degrees. Meanwhile, the stool base has a non-slip pad that ensures stability and provides a sense of security.

Adaptive design and functionality

The height of the pivoting stool SWAY can be adjusted to easily suit various work and meeting areas, next to both height-adjustable workstations, as well as tall tables. Its small footprint and modern design make this stool suitable for both existing and new office interiors.

SWAY - a balanced solution for workplaces