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The correct layout of office space will help increase employee productivity and make work comfortable. To do this, even before buying furniture, you need to think about how to arrange the tables in the office better and more ergonomically and what furniture is most suitable for this.

Tables are an integral part of furnishing a workplace for a company employee. At the table, a person can do "paper" work, receive visitors, work with a computer and office equipment. To increase the productivity of the company's employees, it is necessary to correctly arrange the tables in the office and thereby ensure the convenience for employees and customers. What should be the arrangement of furniture and what does it depend on? In most cases, the most important nuances that should be taken into account when planning the arrangement of tables are the size of the room, the presence or absence of partitions, shelves, screens in it, the specifics of the company's activities, the number of employees working in one room, and the place where visitors are received.

How to arrange tables in a small office?

An important rule for placing furniture in any space in terms of area is that tables should not interfere with the movement of people. If the office is small, buying modern furniture models will help to solve this problem, allowing you to organize a comfortable workplace on a small tabletop.

How to arrange furniture in a small office? Remember that employees should not sit close to each other, have their backs to one another, or look directly into the faces of colleagues. If the room is small, place tables around its perimeter or in a circle so that people can see each other, but are at a distance from one another. If space permits, desks can be divided among themselves by shelves for documents, a table for a printer or a cabinet for storing office supplies.

Do not place employees' desks too close to stairs, under lights or other dangerous items. Don't forget about comfort - the table should be positioned in such a way that there is enough light on it.

How to arrange furniture in a large office space

If there are no restrictions on the area in the office space, then there should be no serious problems with the placement of employees' desks. The location can be different and depends on the specifics of work and communication in the company. For example, if a team often has to make collective decisions, work together on one project, arrange the tables so that people can see and hear each other. If there is free space, you can place a large oval or round table in the center of the room.

In companies where the work of each employee is individual, the presence of a common workspace will only clutter up the interior. In this case, it is important to divide tables with partitions or shelves, create small offices.

In rectangular rooms, it is best to place tables in a U-shape, in a narrow office - some of the tables should be installed along one of the walls, and some - at the end of the room.

What tables to buy in the office

Correctly arranged furniture helps to create a good microclimate in the team and avoid irritation, misunderstanding, conflicts. People should be comfortable working and this comfort should be taken care of even at the stage of choosing furniture. Today, the assortment of tables for offices is so large that it will not be difficult to find products in a variety of styles and at any price. Pay attention to the dimensions of the countertop and the presence of additional shelves and drawers. The table should contain all the necessary items for work and not look cluttered.

For computer work, select a table with an elevated position for the monitor. The table and chair must match in height and shape. The productivity of the staff depends on this furniture.