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A wardrobe is one of the integral parts of an office. Furniture is mainly used for storing and organizing various documents, books, stationery, but some office cabinets serve as storage for employees or visitors' clothes. You cannot do without cabinets in the office, because they help to create order and comfort in the room.

How to choose a closet for your office? There are many models on sale that differ in shape, size, type of construction, cost. Furniture can be of different capacities, have a different number of drawers, shelves, compartments. For the production of these interior items, different materials are used - valuable types of wood, MDF, chipboard, plastic, metal and glass. The choice should be made taking into account the parameters of the cabinet, and taking into account the mechanisms used by the manufacturer, the types of doors, the color scheme.

How to choose practical and trendy office cabinets

It can be difficult to make a choice among the many options for office furniture, but only at first glance. With a detailed study of the presented types of cabinets, it will be much easier to decide. First, decide on the type of furniture you need. Among the most popular options are:

  • Classic models;
  • Secretaries;
  • Wardrobes;
  • Pencil cases;
  • Wardrobes;
  • Cabinets for files in the office.

Classic wardrobes with hinged doors, functional secretaries (combination of wardrobe and table), pencil cases (narrow and tall models), wardrobes and furniture for storing documents, as a rule, are mobile and can be easily moved both around the room and between different offices. Sliding wardrobes imply placement in one place. Such furniture is most often built into special niches and attracts with its large capacity and functionality. To move the wardrobe, you will have to disassemble, and then assemble it at a new place of use.

When choosing, think about what office cabinets are for? If you choose a wardrobe for the chef's office, give preference to expensive models with a fashionable design and visible quality. Most often, it is solid wooden furniture that adorns the office, serves as a confirmation of stability, taste, and image. In such cabinets, door creaking, damage, poor-quality assembly are unacceptable. The best is chosen for the manager's office.

For storage of company documentation, it is better to choose cabinets made of MDF or chipboard. Such models are the perfect combination of quality and price. They are practical, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Depending on the needs of the office, you can buy a wardrobe with shelves for folders, drawers for small documents.

Another popular solution for the production of office cabinets is a combination of metal and glass. This is furniture that attracts with resistance to moisture and temperature extremes, wear resistance, strength, durability. Modern glass cabinets look stylish and can beautify any office. If the furniture is based on stainless steel, it is most convenient to use the cabinet for storing important or archival documentation. Such interior items most often do not have the most attractive appearance and are installed away from the views of visitors.

What kind of office wardrobes are there? 

Modern models surprise with a variety of colors and designs. Of course, there are many proposals in the "classic" category - stylish laconic wooden cabinets in natural colors. But there are also bright original models for decorating creative spaces, for example, offices of IT companies, creative studios, marketing agencies, etc.

How to choose an office cabinet? 

First, study the floor plan and think about where the furniture will be placed. Measure the space under the cabinet and calculate the most convenient dimensions for the furniture. Consider the purpose of the cabinet and the overall interior concept. You can buy a wardrobe to match or play on contrasts.

The easiest way is to buy a wardrobe for an office in the Rozumnyi-prostir showroom. So you can check the functionality of the product you like, see the possible coverage options. Sellers provide the opportunity to choose the form of payment for the goods, as well as provide a prompt delivery service and provide furniture assembly services in certain regions.